Elizabeth A. Muller

Elizabeth A. Muller is mother to two children who suffered from severe food allergies, a currently ten-year old daughter, Layla, formerly allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, buckwheat, and fish, and a seven-year old son, Asim, who now consumes many of the 41 foods he was previously allergic to—including milk/dairy, legumes, seeds, nuts, and a few fruits.

Elizabeth is the co-founder and CEO of Deep Isolation, a growing startup company that is working to solve the nuclear waste problem. She is also the co-Founder and President of Berkeley Earth, a scientific research organization that focuses on environmental issues like global warming and air pollution.

Elizabeth has a track-record of making complicated and challenging scientific topics understandable for the general public, through op-eds, articles, and papers. Her Op-ed “China Must Exploit Its Shale Gas” appeared in The New York Times. She has also authored and co authored Op-eds in the Vancouver Sun and The San Francisco Chronicle. She has been quoted by many magazines and newspapers around the world (including UPI, The Daily Pakistan, and The New York Times Asia) for her analysis on air pollution. She was interviewed on TV by Gavin Newsom (former mayor of San Francisco, currently California Lt. Governor) in The Gavin Newsom Show.

Elizabeth is the coauthor of two major environmental papers published by The Centre for Policy Studies in the UK, and a coauthor of a seminal scientific paper on global warming: “A New Estimate of the Average Earth Surface Land Temperature Spanning 1753 to 2011”, published in Geoinformatics & Geostatistics.

Thanks to her extensive research of the published scientific literature and discussions with leading experts, Elizabeth has become a leading contributor on social media for this topic. She is a Quora 2017 “Top Writer” with more than 2 million views on her answers, and also a “most viewed” writer on allergies (more than 100k views). She is well known for the Facebook groups that she leads and participates in on food allergies and their treatments.

Elizabeth has a unique perspective on food allergy treatments because she has had her own children use three out of the four major treatments currently available (most families who treat only use one). Thus she can offer not only scientific understanding, but also a unique perspective for parents who are seeking treatment, but who don’t yet know which treatment they want to pursue. Elizabeth has written several technical books, numerous papers, and Op Eds, and is experienced with TV and radio interviews.

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A partial list of her publications and appearances includes:


  • Why Every Serious Environmentalist Should Favour Fracking, Centre for Policy Studies (UK) (December 2013)
  • A New Estimate of the Average Earth Surface Land Temperature Spanning 1753 to 2011, Geoinfor Geostat: An Overview (December 2012)
  • The Case for E-Government OECD Journal on Budgeting (August 2003)
  • E-Government Statistics: Government Needs OECD Working Paper (April 2003)
  • The Digital Divide: Diffusion and use of ICTs OECD STI Working Paper Series (June 2002)
  • The Software Sector: Growth, Structure and Policy Issues OECD STI Working Paper (June 2002)
  • EMU: Perceptions and Challenges IIASA (September 1998)

Technical Books

  • OECD IT Outlook 2006, the chapter on IT Policy (August 2006)
  • E-Government for Better Government OECD Synthesis Report on E-Government (December 2005)
  • OECD E-Government Studies: Mexico OECD Peer Review Report on E-Government in Mexico (September 2005)
  • The e-Government Imperative OECD Synthesis Report on E-Government (August 2003)
  • OECD IT Outlook 2002, wrote chapters on ICT Diffusion, Technological Trends, IT Policy (June 2002)

Policy Briefs

  • Checklist for E-Government Leaders OECD Policy Brief (August 2003)
  • E-Government Main Findings OECD Policy Brief (March 2003)

Television interviews

  • The Gavin Newsom Show – Interview with Dr. Richard Muller and Elizabeth Muller – 12/20/2012
  • PBS News Hour – Richard and Elizabeth Muller comment on climate change – 9/18/2012
  • The Daily Californian – Elizabeth Muller of Berkeley Earth Discusses Climate Change – 8/6/2012

Op Eds and Short Articles

  • CHINA US Focus – An Economic Approach to Environmental Progress – 1/17/17
  • Asthma Allergies Children – Is Do-It-Yourself Epinephrine the Answer to Mylan? – 1/14/2017
  • Asthma Allergies Children – Half a cigarette a day for your asthmatic child – 11/8/2016
  • CHINA US Focus – The Human Tragedy of the Stalled Shale Gas Revolution in China – 7/8/2016
  • Asthma Allergies Children – Global Air Pollution and Local Asthma – 9/23/2016
  • The New York Times – China Must Exploit Its Shale Gas, by Elizabeth Muller – 4/12/2013
  • SF Gate – Options for tackling global warming, by Elizabeth Muller – 7/29/2012