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Dec 11 2020

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Dec 11 2020

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Dec 14 2020

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Dec 9 2020

Business Insider

At Least 4 people had reactions against the vaccine
Dec 18 2020

Most people with allergies should get Pfizer’s coronavirus shot, according to the FDA
Dec 12, 2020

2 people had allergic reactions to Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot. Here’s what’s in it
Dec 10, 2020


When to introduce walnuts, almonds and other nuts to baby
Dec 19, 2020

Youtube video on Covid

Elizabeth Muller:

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Quora top writer in 2017 and 2018 – Elizabeth Muller is an active participant on Quora, and was named a “Top Writer” in 2017 and 2018 (the last year they offered that award). She has over 14 million views on her answers. She currently has over 27,000 “followers”, and the number continues to grow.  Numerous followers have requested that she “write a book.” Visit her Quora profile.


Elizabeth is active in numerous Facebook food allergy groups, moderates three groups (Treating Food Allergies, Dr Jain OIT/SLIT and Milk OIT), She has strong relationships with the moderators of other groups, including: Food Allergy Treatment Talk (11,700 members and growing), OIT 101 (17,000 members and growing), Private Practice OIT (11,800 members and growing) and Chinese Herbs for Allergies (3,400 members).


Gavin Newsom Show – 12/20/2012

Elizabeth Muller and her father Richard Muller interviewed by former mayor of San Francisco, currently California Governor Gavin Newsom.

CEO Money (live broadcast) – 8/7/2019

PBS News Hour – 9/18/2012

The Daily Californian – 8/5/2012